Massage Treatments

Whether you prefer a gentle, full body relaxation massage, a firm remedial massage or a combination of both, you will feel your aches, pains & tensions erased during this healing therapy.  Research has proven that regular massage boosts immunity, relieves stress, heals micro tears in muscles before they become a problem and eases chronic pain.  We put our cars in for a regular service, what about our poor old bodies?  30 and 60 minute treatments are available.

Myofascial Cupping

Myofascial Cupping is often used in Remedial Massage treatments at Harmony on Sunrise.  The cups work in the reverse of massage, by lifting the tissue.  This increases circulation and has a profound effect on the fascia, or covering of muscle groups.  Recent research shows that without influencing the fascia, the muscle underneath is slower to repair.  Cupping allows a far greater outcome to be achieved in a treatment session, with much less pain experienced.


The theory of reflexology is that the whole body is reflected in the soles of the feet. By massaging  and working on pressure points on the feet, corresponding areas of the body can be relaxed & rebalanced.

You will float out the door! 30 & 60 minute Reflexology treatments are available. 

Something to make you feel wonderful!
Mud Wraps

The Mud is blended especially for you - designed to address your personal health issues.  The clay draws 100 times its own weight in toxins from the body, remineralising on a cellular level. You get to detox & feel pampered at the same time & your skin feels amazing afterwards.

Treat for Feet

An aromatherapy foot spa, followed by an exfoliating foot scrub, then a heavenly foot massage using a special oil blend to relax & soothe your feet.

Indulgence Package

An Aromatherapy Massage with a beautiful "Goddess" blend of essential oils, a lavender facial compress & facial massage with a beautiful Rose Healing Cream.

75 minutes of Heaven. 

Far Infrared Sauna

Scandinavian countries have used sauna for centuries, as part of their health regime.  Infrared Sauna has an even greater detoxifying effect.  A 30 min sauna has the same calorie burning effect as a 10klm run.  It is also beneficial for chronic pain & inflammation.  


"I feel relaxed as soon as I walk through the front gate." - Michelle. P

"Thanks Maryanne for my Indulgence treatment today.  It was amazing, so relaxing & even better was the great price." - Amanda. K 

"Thanks Maryanne, my arm is so much better after my treatment. Using the cups during my massage has certainly made for a speedy recovery." - Julie. T

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