What is Naturopathy?

 A Naturopath works with the same health issues that someone would go to a Doctor for.  Naturopathy differs from Allopathic Medicine in that the person is treated Holistically. This means not just working with a person's symptoms, but addressing the underlying causes of the condition.  Diet, Lifestyle, Physical & Emotional issues are explored.  This enables complete healing of the condition.  Naturopathy is for everyone from babies to the elderly & is an effective way to treat your health issues.  See for yourself next time you are unwell, stressed or exhausted.

 Conditions treated by a Naturopath

 * Lowered Immunity  * Stress  *Insomnia  * Anxiety/Depression  * Low Energy  * Allergies  * Hay fever/Sinus                               *Weight Loss  * Women's Health Issues  * Infertility in Men & Women  * Digestive Problems

                                                     * Irritable Bowel Syndrome  * Childhood Disorders  

Herbal Medicine

The original form of medicine, derived from the roots, leaves & flowers of plants, which has been used to heal for thousands of years. Herbs are often prescribed during a Naturopathic Consultation.


This is the study of the Iris or coloured part of the eye. A great deal of information about a persons general health can be learnt from the Iris.  An Iridology Consultation is performed using the latest computer technology so you can see your Iris on the screen.  It will show us what your health strengths are & where your "nurture points" lie.


"I can't believe how well I feel now!" - Roger. A

"You were my last hope before IVF, thank you." - Karen. S

"Whether you"re looking for a massage or Naturopathic advice I would highly recommend Maryanne.  She takes the time to listen & is very supportive in your treatment. Thank you." - Helen. C

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